The pleasure of morning coffee…

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Are You a coffee lover? Do You often buy coffee to take away?

  • 2018 November In eastern Indonesia, a washed-up dead whale landed in the headlines and sparked public interest around the world. What is so special about this 31-foot marine mammal? Huge amounts of plastic waste were found in his stomach, including 115 plastic disposable cups.
  • It is estimated that 500 billion plastic disposable cups are consumed worldwide each year and are discarded almost immediately after use.

That’s enough to surround the Earth 1,360 times!

  • Chemicals in plastics have been linked to serious human health conditions, including birth defects, infertility, cognitive impairment, and cancer.

It is time to use something more friendly to You and to environmental

If you’re planning a trip to your favorite coffee shop, bring your own reusable cup or drinker as well. This can encourage your favorite cafes and food retailers to switch to environmental friendly alternatives.

Reusable thermos coffee mug from bamboo and stainless steal, with the lid, 280 ml.

Thermos cup for coffee, 450 ml

Let’s change habits together.