How to choose lunch box?

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Choosing a lunch box can be a daunting task, especially if you are not experienced but want it to fit in your backpack (so you do not have to carry food in a bag).

Everyone has probably experienced this: you have food, but there is no convenient and beautiful container to put it in your backpack or purse, so you put it in a bag or leave it in the packaging. But after a while everything gets crushed or thrown away (and then makes everything dirty around it) and you think “oh how nice it would be to have something to keep my buns from getting crushed”. Of course, you could use some box that already has a loose lid, but that would add even more stress and uncertainty as to whether everything has opened and spilled or if everything is still okay. But why the stress? You can buy a lunch box, but then the question arises: which one?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a lunch box?

  • Durability is an important feature of the box.

This includes how long the box will last, whether it will break if accidentally (or intentionally) dropped on the ground and need a new one, what the construction of the lid is. Plastic and glass lunch boxes quickly break and break, which means that they need to be changed often, and disposable boxes pollute the environment. Metal food boxes, which are popular now, are durable and long-lasting – they are made of stainless steel, so definitely they will not break quickly, especially if dropped on the floor.

  • The type of cover is also important.

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    Lunch box lid Green whale

First, make sure that the cover fits neatly on the box and cannot be deformed. Second, pay attention to how the clasp is, whether it is too easy or too difficult to do. If it closes too easily, it may open, and your food may fall out of the box. If it opens and/or closes too hard, you could be out of lunch. And if the box is used by children, a good box clip is even more important. Plastic boxes often just have snap – on lids that become obsolete over time. A Green Whale metal lunch box has a good lid clip.

  • Next is the capacity.

What products and how much food do you plan to store or carry in the food box. The most important thing here is optimality. You do not want to carry a big box that was the only one that could hold your favorite fruit because the other boxes were just too small, but still taking up all the space in your backpack. Or how sometimes you only have nuts and rice, but you do not want to put everything in one box or take two. In such cases, the compartment in the box is a real lifesaver. But it often happens that it is not possible to adjust their size. In the metal food box, the compartment is adjustable or can be removed completely. And the size is suitable to put even an avocado or an uncut tomato.

  • The smell.

Often, the smell of the food or detergent that was in it before is absorbed into the boxes, so it becomes unpleasant to use such a container. The metal food box is odorless, it is not affected by the smell and taste of previous fatty or spicy food.

  • And of course – the look.

You want to use a beautiful box. The aesthetics of the box are often the deciding factor in the choice. It is particularly important that the box is pleasant to the touch and to the eye.

Just think how many plastic bags or disposable boxes you will save in a year if you bring your lunch to work in a reusable food box every weekday. After all, there are 20-22 working days in a month alone, and one bag or one-time box is often not enough. If you calculate, if you use 2 bags a day, you will use about 528 plastic bags in a year.

The Green Whale stainless steal lunch box has all the above features and is made of stainless steel, making it durable and reusable.

In this video you can see ways to use a metal lunch box.

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