Sustainable Corporate Gifts – Give it a try


Sustainable corporate gifts reflect the image of your company and send a message about your views and attitudes about the global environmental situation.

When approaching a meeting with a business partner or an important person, accepting a new employee or saying goodbye to an outgoing one, we often want to pleasantly surprise him or her by giving a gift. Such gifts are not binding, but are part of the company’s image, demonstrating values and attitudes toward important issues. And of course, business gifts need to be good quality.

A sustainable business gift will show that You care about environmental issues, reducing plastic waste, what a trace human activity leaves on the planet. And the fact that You are looking for tools to address these issues.

Not only environmentally friendly, ecological, but also personalized gifts have prevailed among the trends in business gifts for several years already.

It has long been a change of attitude that it is acceptable to give only those corporate gifts that are suitable for use in the office. It is a pleasure to receive good quality products for leisure – a double wall stainless steal reusable bottle for sports  or a thermos for trips in nature (with a double wall, so the temperature of the water or drink remains unchanged for a long time). Bring home and use with the family – a lunch box made of stainless steel, a spacious cotton canvas shopping bag with inside pockets or an alternative to plastic bags – cotton mesh bags for fruits or vegetables. Or with friends – coconut bowls and bamboo straws. On a trip or business trip – a travel toothbrush or toothbrush holder.

Such gifts will always remind about of your company.

Many still dare not try sustainable oral hygiene products because they think they are not as effective as plastic toothbrushes or interdental floss. Give it a try. After all, it will be enough to change at least one plastic tool to a tool without plastic, and this will already be a step towards reducing plastic waste.

By giving a sustainable business gift You gif the opportunity to try. To test a change, the joy of discovery, the knowledge that it can be different, more sustainable.

Give a new experience.

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