Traveler’s kit – what tools will make the trip easier

travel tools

Frequent travelers, hikers or homesteaders will agree that the equipment used during traveling must be of good quality, durable, ergonomic and pleasant to use.

To feel like at home, without discomfort.

So what tools facilitate the packing of the suitcase, the travel process?

Depends on what the trip is like.

If you are going on a hike, you will definitely benefit from:

  • Stainless steel double-walled bottle. Double wall creates a vacuum, so the drink maintains a constant temperature – a warm drink for up to 12 hours and a cool drink for up to 24 hours.
  • Maybe during the hike forecast is for cooler weather? In this case, an irreplaceable glass bottle with a sieve for tea. It also has a double wall, so the tea stays warm a long time.
  • Thermos mug – pour a drink and travel. The lid will prevent the drink from spilling and keeps it warm for longer.
  • Lunch box – capacity 1200 ml. It holds all the avocado! Made from stainless steel, making it light and impact resistant, with a secure clasp. This is especially important when carrying food in a shell or bag.
  • Coconut Bowl – Keep your bowl on the go. Light weight.
  • Shampoo bars – safe to transport, no worries regarding spill liquids in the travel bag. Takes up less space than a regular shampoo bottle.
  • Travel toothbrush – toothbrush and case – two in one. Will take up twice as much space as a regular toothbrush and tube.

During travel to the homestead, it will be convenient to store items in:

  • Canvas bag with inner pockets – the pockets hold bottles, elongated vegetables or a baguette, as well as small items – a mobile phone, keys, money. It is really convenient to store a lot of items for various purposes. And easy to find them at the right time.

Traveling by plane every inch of suitcase is important, so things need to be compact and not take up much space. For example, a travel toothbrush – a tray and a brush in one. If, however, you want to take exactly the toothbrush You already use at home on your trip, You will definitely find a bamboo toothbrush case. It holds all standard size toothbrushes (both plastic and bamboo). The bamboo toothbrush case will protect the brush from the environment and dust both at home and on the go.

Another “puzzle” before the trip – what container use to transport shampoo or shower gel, shaving foam? What if it’s just a few days trip? It is inconvenient to take standard size bottles, so you have to pour them into smaller bottles. However, there is a risk of missing one tool or another. Maybe it’s worth trying hard shampoos?

This will make it easier for you to travel by plane:

There is a really large selection of different tools on the market today. Try new – sustainable.